Turn Packaging Into Potential

Packaging is a barrier and a blessing. It creates distance between consumers and products, but serves as an important canvas for features and benefits. Now, with Ricochet, packaging is a doorway into intuitive brand experiences that encourage consumers to pick up your product … and keep it. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Create new content (consumers love AR, VR, video and experiential) or use something you already have.

Ricochet Digital
Reality Platform

Simply load your digital content into our cloud-based platform.


Consumers scan your product to launch a one-of-a-kind brand experience from your existing packaging.

Give Your Brand a Boost

One part Digital Reality Platform, one part consumer mobile app, Ricochet is all you
need to make a big difference.

Broader Reach & Awareness

New interactive channels
Scalable, enterprise platform
Direct to consumer

Deeper Engagement

Experiential marketing at the point of purchase
Extend experience beyond purchase
Serve as virtual sales professional

Increased Sales

Influence purchases at the point of sale
Shorten sales cycles
Incentivize purchases
Increase competitive conversions

Brand Advocacy & Loyalty

Encourage loyalty and retain customers
Attract Millenials and Gen Z consumers
Offer reliable product content
Facilitate social amplification

Customer Behavior & Insights

Collect experiential and demographic data
Identify patterns by location, demographics, etc.
Gain insights about content interactions

Which Ricochet Product is Right For Your Business?

When consumers use Ricochet to scan millions of products (including yours), they can expect reliable product information, reviews, the option to purchase it online, and the ability to share information with others. However, every business has unique marketing needs. That’s why Ricochet offers Three Products that are scalable to fit businesses of all sizes.

Ricochet Partners

Define buyer experiences via an online platform. We offer 4 tiers of service so that Ricochet is affordable for every size business.

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Ricochet Pro

The Enterprise App for Sales Teams or B2B Organizations that is designed to your unique specifications and uploaded to enterprise devices.


Powered by

Ricochet YOUR Way with complete app customization. Ricochet delivers a unique consumer-facing app that is white-labeled to a specific brand.



Every Ricochet membership comes with the baseline platform functionality. Membership tiers allow you to scale up or down based on the sophistication of the content you want to display and the level of support your team needs.

Ricochet Partnership Offerings

Ricochet Partner Pricing Tiers

What will customers see when
they Ricochet your product?