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From Packaging to Purpose

Nick & Neomi Mullens

This is Nick and Neomi Mullens. When they started this company, it was with the intention of transforming the packaging industry—that is until they realized the impact their innovation could have on, well, the world. Yes, it sounds lofty. And it is. But it’s also real.

Nick is a third-generation printing company guy. He learned the ropes from his dad, who made sure Nick appreciated what it took to be in this business by ensuring he did every job in the plant: gluing, sheeting, die cutting, delivery, sales and, later, operations. So when Nick opened his own printing business in 2009, it was no surprise he was successful. But he was also curious. He started thinking about how product packaging could serve a broader purpose. And that’s where Neomi came in.

Neomi has marketed some of the world’s most advanced medical technologies. She’s at the epicenter of what’s new and cool, so she’s seen companies valiantly attempt to incorporate digital reality technologies, like AR, VR and 360 degree video, into their marketing strategies—only to fail because they don’t have the right strategy or ability to deliver.

Together, they conceived Ricochet—a marketing and business platform built on patent-pending technology that lets manufacturers get exponentially more value out of their packaging. Now, the package is a window into the products inside, creating more engaging, rewarding and informative interactions with brands. From letting people “try” consumer products before they buy them to fully interactive instructions for medical device uses, packaging now has a greater purpose.